Call time on animal experiments!

Animal testing is cruel and outdated, and yet more than THREE MILLION animals are still used in ‘animal research’ every year in the UK.

More government investment is needed in transformative technologies such as Non-Animal Methods which could replace current regulatory animal testing. These modern non-animal scientific approaches are often quicker, cheaper, more humane and more accurate!

The current awful COVID-19 crisis has revealed how long and expensive the current research process is. It has clarified that a new government timeframe – a deadline – is needed to end the use of animals in experiments in the UK.

With such a deadline in place, the UK could invest and focus its scientific research in being a leader in modern human-focused science.

Let’s make the UK a leader in high tech non-animal research and call time on animal testing!
  • It is vile. Mark K 24.07.2021 20:31
  • Mark S 24.07.2021 18:47
  • I believe all animals are sentient beings and testing is absolutely cruel and unnecessary - it must be stopped. Sarah B 24.07.2021 18:27
  • Scientific progress has resulted in many alternatives to animal testing which are more reliable, cheaper and quicker. I do not understand why the scientific community doesn't embrace cruelty free methods of advancing science, rather than subjecting sentient beings to needless torture, misery, suffering and death. The use of animals in this way remains a source of shame on humankind. Elaine U 24.07.2021 16:38
  • it is outdated and cruel and we have no right to treat other creatures in this way.Non animal methods are available and should be used Cath F 24.07.2021 15:32
  • It is cruel and unnecessary when there are alternatives to avoiding animal suffering. Animal Free Research has done a lot of work looking at alternatives Rachel W 24.07.2021 15:23