Drains for Ukraine

So many individuals and charities have stepped in to support the animals of Ukraine since the invasion began on 24th February 2022 - it's been wonderful to see so many people witness the incredible kindness and compassion shown by Ukrainians for animals. We're here for the long run, we've been supporting Ukraine since 1994, and war or no war, we'll continue to do so.

We've been empowering Ukrainians to care for their animals wherever they can and recently we launched our drain pipe feeding stations across Ukraine in places such as Kyiv, Kharkiv and the Donbas region. Life for people and animals is incredibly tough right now.

They are quite literally drain pipes. They're installed to a fence or post with a cable tie upright and filled with dried food.

What are the benefits?

  • The food lasts longer as dogs are unable to gobble large amounts in one go.
  • They reduce bloat, which is a condition that can kill animals as a result of eating large quantities on empty stomachs.
  • They enable locals to closely monitor the health of the stray population in a concentrated area.
  • They provide locations for feed to be topped up rather than pots and pans or bags emptied onto the ground.



We love them. The Ukrainians we have met love them. The street animals love them.

Help us help them and get drains constructed, installed and filled with food right across Ukraine wherever they are needed, for as long as it is needed. We want to ensure that as many stray animals are sustained as possible.

We also continue to support Ukraine and neighbouring Eastern European countries with our aid deliveries, campaign work, education programme and animal shelter support. Any amount towards our work really does go a long way - here is what we can achieve with your donations:

  • £20 - funds two street cats to be neutered to prevent further animals struggling with street life.
  • £15 - constructs, installs and fills a drain pipe feeding station for stray dogs in Ukraine.
  • £10 - provides 5 kilos of food for a drain pipe feeding station.
  • £2 - provides a kilo of food for a drain pipe feeding station.

Having been there myself numerous times since February, I have seen first-hand the devastation that is being caused to both humans and animals. I've seen what the smallest act of kindness can achieve. I've seen what the smallest donation can get. I've seen what hope looks like. If you can, please, give whatever amount you can and we'll make sure it gets to where it needs to be. War or no war, we continue.

From me, and the animals of Ukraine, where they remain in a fight for their lives ... THANK YOU.


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