Support the World Animal Day Grant to help 1,000 donkeys and 4,000 dogs!

As part of Naturewatch Foundation's celebration of World Animal Day and ongoing commitment to improving animal welfare around the world, we sponsor an annual World Animal Day Grant to support the project of a deserving charity delivering assistance to animals. The grants are awarded to our World Animal Day Ambassadors to carry out projects in their country. 

This year, we were inundated with some fantastic applications. With so many animals needing help, we just couldn't pick one winner. So, we chose two! 

International Organisation for Animal Protection (OIPA), Cameroon, applied with their amazing project delivering veterinary assistance to 1,000 working donkeys over 11 months. They'll also be running a humane education program for donkey owners and providing educational materials about animal welfare to 32 schools in Northern Cameroon.

Africa Network For Animal Welfare (ANAW), Kenya, also applied with their brilliant project vaccinating 4,000 dogs against deadly rabies. They will also be providing leaflets for community members with companion animals to learn about how to prevent rabies and encourage humane treatment of animals. 

These two amazing projects will undoubtedly have a huge positive impact on the lives of thousands of animals and their owners in Cameroon and Kenya.

We've also chosen two fantastic mini-grant projects in Bolivia and Swaziland, providing educational materials on pet care, animal welfare, and giving urgent veterinary assistance to animals in need!

To help make these a success, we need your help! Please make a donation today, so that these deserving projects can improve the lives of over 5,000 beautiful, sentient animals. 

When you donate, every single penny will go towards the World Animal Day Grant projects.*

*If we are lucky enough to surpass our target, we will either choose to support another deserving project or the funds will be allocated towards winners for World Animal Day 2022! 

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