Take the lead and sign a pledge for animals!

Every year thousands of farm animals and wildlife are killed or injured by dog attacks. Some of these result in the dogs being shot, injured or subject to restrictive legal orders and many of those attacks could simply be avoided if dog walkers acted responsibly in areas with roaming animals.

Are you someone who has a dog and walks near farmland?

Do you care for a dog and enjoy taking them to enjoy the countryside?

Take our RECALL pledge to keep your dog and grazing animals safer

As a thank you for doing your bit to prevent animals from suffering, we’ll send you a free OPERATION RECALL car air freshener!

*The RSPCA's main advice for dog owners is to always keep their dogs on a lead around livestock.

I pledge to:

  1. Be ‘present’ with my dog when out on walks, ensuring that I am focused on time with them and our surroundings so that I can keep my dog safe.
  2. Ensure that my dog's walking equipment is fit for purpose - that my dog’s collar and harness are well fitted and that my lead is not damaged.
  3. Keep to designated footpaths when walking my dog in areas where there might be farm animals.
  4. Have distractions ready for my dog, in case there could be livestock around, and I need to regain their attention quickly.
  5. Call the police on 999 if I witness a dog attack/livestock worrying taking place and assist any injured farm animal if it is safe to do so.